Reiki Schedule 2017

Weekend or Weekday Workshops
SIMONE MAlAN – Reiki Master / Teacher, Chang Sen Xue Practitioner

Reiki is a Japanese expression for “the art of laying on of hands”. The workshops will provide Reiki Certification for First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree or Reiki Master/Teacher. Through a series of attunements you will be able to channel universal energy. You will learn self-healing as well as the hand positions to promote healing for others.


Reiki Certification


Certification First Degree   $195   (12 hrs)

  Sept 9/10       Oct 21/22        Nov 4/5           Nov 25/26


Certification Second Degree   $295   (14 hrs)

Aug 26/27       Sept 23/24       Oct 7/8        Nov 11/12       


Certification Third Degree   $325   (18 hrs)

    Sept. 23/24         Oct 28/29        Nov 18/19


Reiki Master/Teacher Certification   $475   (35 hours)

Personalized dates arranged.

 Call Simone at 905-985-4147 or email



2nd Wednesday of each month. Evening 7 to 9 pm. (Beginning Sept. 13)

4th Wednesday of each month. Afternoon 2 to 4 pm. (Beginning Sept. 27)

 RSVP Simone at 905-985-4147 or email

REIKI “U” ( $10 )

Reiki Booklets

Distance Reiki  –  $95 (60 min)

Aug 20/21 Sept 24/25 Oct 30/31 Nov 19/20

32 Chimney Hill Way, Port Perry, ON  L9L 2E4

RSVP Simone at 905 985 4147 –


* Each level completed includes a certificate and training manual. The training manuals are also available for purchase

Therapist performing Reiki over face of man

While the body perishes
the Spirit is immortal.
We are here to realize we are Spirit.
Papa Ramdas