SIMONE MAlANReiki Master / Teacher, Chang Sen Xue Practitioner

Reiki is a Japanese expression for “the art of laying on of hands”. The workshops will provide Reiki Certification for First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree or Reiki Master/Teacher. Through a series of attunements you will be able to channel universal energy. You will learn self-healing as well as the hand positions to promote healing for others.

MAYA Reiki 2020 Fall Schedule

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Simone Maian
905-985-4147 or

Reiki Certification will be offered individually on-line with attunements held outdoors, weather permitting.

Reiki Shares and Treatments are all cancelled till further notice.

Please call if you are interested in Yoga or Mindfulness Schedules.

First Degree   $195  (12 hrs)
Second Degree   $295  (14 hrs)
Third Degree   $325  (18 hrs)

Reiki Master/Teacher   $475  (35 hrs)
Personalized dates arranged


Durham Region Health Department COVID protocols for Fitness Studios

  • Face coverings worn at all times;
  • Physical distancing (2 metres);
  • Maximum 3 yoga students per class;
  • Air purification during classes;
  • All surfaces and bathrooms sanitized before and after each class;
  • COVID questionnaire answered prior to entering studio (participants required to provide phone number and mailing address);
  • Gloves worn when necessary by Instructors.

While the body perishes
the Spirit is immortal.
We are here to realize we are Spirit.
Papa Ramdas