Why Yoga?
Yoga assists the body and mind to find energetic balance, rest, and silence. We become able to feel our inner Self (Spirit).

Viniyoga is a method of hatha yoga. It addresses student’s needs individually. Within the class, each student is challenged to develop qualities. Each student is challenged to develop three qualities; steadiness, alertness, and strength. The three qualities are physical and psychological in nature.

Yoga Recovery Training
Yoga Recovery Training (YRT) is an individual experience designed to address the needs of individuals recovering from physical or emotional trauma. YRT can also open doors to individuals seeking improvements in mobility.

Yoga Classes
Viniyoga classes are multi-level. Classes are Beginner-Intermediate level. Adjustments and modifications are made for individuals within the class.

Individual Yoga Training

Individual Yoga training (IYT) can be facilitated in the comfort of your home, at times of your choice. IYT is designed to meet your needs in a personalized way, and can include Ayurvedic counseling related to nutrition or meditation programs.

Yoga and Meditation workshops
Yoga and Meditation life skills workshops offer an informative, informal, supportive atmosphere to re-energize your life.

Yoga Teacher Certification
200 hour Maya Yoga Teacher certification is Yoga Alliance authorized. The program is based on Viniyoga method and Ashtanga Yoga (The Eightfold Path). Maya Yoga certification is individualized in order to fit with your life and work styles.

Maya Yoga Helps                                                                           

♦ Strengthen the body, mind, and spirit

♦ Increase the vitality of the circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems

♦ Promote harmony between the physical body and inner consciousness

♦ Use the breath to develop a controlled expansion of life-force

♦ To correct body mind imbalances

♦ Transform and reduce stress.

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Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.
~Sri Krishna Pattabhi Joi